Have Access to Backup Power

When the lights go out in Cape Cod, New Bedford, MA and surrounding areas

The power has gone out. Again. There is a terrible storm going on, but you didn’t see this coming. Household activity has come to a screeching halt. You’re bumping around the room looking for a flashlight, you can’t finish cooking dinner because your electric stove top is out too, and your kids can’t get any homework done. And it’s a school night! Brooks Wilson Electrician has solutions to your temporary energy crisis. We can install automatic residential generators to power your home when the lights go out at unexpected moments. We can also install natural gas and propane generators, and will soon be certified for general maintenance of Generac generators.

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3 reasons to buy a home generator

1.Have power for outdoor events
2.Have backup power for blackouts and emergencies
3.Have a source of power to charge your electric car

Choose Brooks Wilson Electrician to bring you power when you need it most.